FMC Flexible Manufacturing Cell

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• Loading electric car is equipped with a magnetic layer deviec and blowing device, ensure that loading one piece sheet ever ytime feeding.
• Suction frame using aluminum Assembly, firm & beauty.
• The lifting mechanism adopts frequency conversion motor , linear guide, smooth transmission, high speed.
• Horizontal drive motor drive toothed Synchronous belt , complete the horizontal reciprocating movement, linear guide,smooth transmission, high speed.
• Vacuum system consists of vacuum generator, vacuum solenoid valve, vacuum pipe, suction Cups and other components,vacuum generator make vacuum.
• Electrical parts designed to be controlled independently , modular increase easy.Components select international brands.
• The FMC could be extended FMS with stereoscopic warehous , you can connect to the LAN, convenient management.
• The main machine could be expanded to punch & laser combined machine or punch & shear combined machine in the FMC.
Main Technical Specifications
Max. sheet 
1250 × 2500 mm 
Vertical move speed 
15 m/min
Min. sheet 
700 × 600 mm 
Height of loading sheet 
120 mm
Max. weight 
150 Kg 
Weight of loading sheet 
3000 Kg
Horizontal move speed 
40 m/min 
11000 × 5000 mm


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