Create an Excellent and High-tech Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise

Pre-sale Service:


The main members of our company come from Jinan Foundry and Forging Machinery Research Institute, which is a national first-class scientific research institute, and has trained a large number of experts, scholars, and technical personnel for the forging industry. Therefore, our company has a group of expert-level technical personnel who have worked in the forging industry for 20-30 years, with leading technology and rich experience. We can provide pre-sale consultation according to the specific situation of the user, provide the most reasonable solution, and meet the individual needs of the user.



After Sales Service:


1、Solemn promise and strict system.

(1)Our company is the first enterprise in the machine tool industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification. The equipment configuration is high-end, the operation problems are reliable, and there is no failure under normal circumstances. If the machine breaks down, the maintenance service personnel guarantee to be online 24 hours a day, solve the problem through network communication, or send a technician to the customer's plant to perform service and troubleshoot.

(2)The maintenance service personnel shall provide detailed records of the completed maintenance tasks and problems to the users to provide services, and the users shall feedback their opinions to the unit, and strictly control and evaluate the quality of the service personnel's work.

2、The full-time service team guarantees the operability of the service network.

(1)Training for users

①The user sends operators to our company, or our company's after-sales personnel to the user's factory area for training in operation, maintenance, and maintenance.

② After the machine tool arrives at the user's site, our company arranges full-time personnel to install and debug to the user, and trains the equipment operator until the machine can be operated independently.

(2)Full-time after-sales service team, affiliated with the sales department, can respond to the service requirements raised by users in a timely manner.

(3)In order to do a better job in time, the company's service team and common accessories perform zoning management.

(4)Multiple 24-hour technical service hotlines to ensure the convenience and timeliness of users.



Create an Excellent and High-tech Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise


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