Create an Excellent and High-tech Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise

Sheet Metal Automatic Loading and Unloading
Suction rack device movement driven by servo motor. Electric trolley Fast loading and unloading. Suction frame using aluminum assembly, firm and beauty Linear guide, smooth and high-speed transmission Large suction force Magnetic layer and air blowing device to ensure single sheet feeding
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Material Storage + Punch & shearing (Punch & Laser) Combined Line
Efficient and flexible automatic processing Space-saving Improvement of storage management software Single column and multi-column type material storage available Access to factory network Earthquake-proof safety device Stacker lift, pallet access and stacker movement driven by servo motor
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Sheet Metal Flexible Production Line with Coil
Automatic coil change No scrap in the length direction of the sheet Integration of uncoiling, leveling, punching and shearing Prepare materials for other processes Independent operation of punching and shearing process High production Automatic sorting and stacking Raw materials can be palletized and rolled
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Rotary Shear Cut-to-Length Line
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Slitting Line
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Create an Excellent and High-tech Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise


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