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Punching Machine with 5 Punching Units for U-beams with Constant Section
★ The punching design of U-beam of truck frame adopts German H+L hydraulic system. ★ It owns floating clamps to feed steel plate. ★ The tool dead zone is small, it’s easy to disassemble. It has function of point punch. ★ The punch unit and important transmission components adopt automatic centralized lubrication. ★ Automatic programming system automatically generated the processing program, which can be operated simply and owns complete functions. ★ Double channel processing is adopted when punching, with high processing efficiency. ★ It has auto-detection function when it processes leakage holes and when the tool is broken. ★ The complete and convenient maintenance is provided. ★ It can reduce the labor intensity of operators with the perfect processing device of scrap transport. ★ It can make sure the mechanical integrity and personnel security with complete alarm information and alarm system.
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Create an Excellent and High-tech Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise


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